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Winter is coming and now is the time to take a look at your businesses exterior signage to be sure it’s working effectively.   Simple repairs and refurbishing can make your sign more effective.  Some considerations are:

1) Is your Illuminated Sign lighting correctly?

Many neon signs have a problem lighting in the cold New England weather. With the days getting dark early, now is the time to get outside and check your electric sign to be sure the bulbs are working, neon is lighting evenly, LED is not in need of repair. Nothing is less attractive to potential customers than an illuminated sign that is only partially lighting. Keep in mind that your on premises signage is the first thing a potential customer sees of your business. Keep it shining brightly.  Consider Retrofitting your Florescent or Neon sign with LED lighting today and save lots on your electric bills.

2) Is your vinyl lettering on your illuminated or panel sign looking faded or peeling?

Express Sign & Graphics can help you keep your sign looking great by replacing fading or peeling lettering and updating information such as phone numbers and websites. Keeping your outdoor advertising appealing and correct is critical when times are competitive. You want your potential customers to view your business as professional, welcoming and attractive.

3) Is your plaza or business directory current?

Express Sign & Graphics can help you to update your business directory with current information for your tenants. Whether it’s a vinyl lettered sign, Carved Sign, or lighted sign, we can help you make your business center look up to date and attractive. If businesses have left, now is the time to clean up unused tenant panels to let potential renters know you have space available. Consider putting your leasing information on your Directory Sign so potential tenants know how to contact you. We can also replace Lightbox Sign faces for storefront signs or revamp plaza directories with fresh paint and other updates to make it more attractive.

4) Are your posts and hardware looking old and peeling?

Sometimes simple updates such as a fresh coat of paint, new lighting or fresh faces can make an old sign look new again.   Attractive signs attract potential customers while signs in disrepair discourage buyers.

5) Is your building directory sign or your business sign starting to look aged?

On-premises signage is the one of the most effective types of advertising. Not only is it great exposure that works 24/7/365, it attracts impulse buyers and increases brand awareness. Now is the time to get your on-premises sign looking great. For minimal investment, you’ll get years of value.

Call the Pros at Express Sign & Graphics for a Free Quote on Updating or refreshing your Exterior Signage.  We offer cost-effective solutions to make your signs look great.




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