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Looking for Eco Friendly Sign Products?

Many sign companies like Express Sign & Graphics are looking for new ways to positively impact the environment by implementing programs to promote greener practices. At Express Sign & Graphics, some of the ways that we are being more eco-friendly include:

  • Reducing waste in production and throughout the office
  • Recycling old sign materials when possible
  • Encouraging customers to retrofit Neon signs with LED
  • Using mechanical fasteners instead of glues when viable
  • Utilizing e-mail to provide customer proofs instead of printing them and
  • Using suppliers who are manufacturing using sustainable products and that recycle their waste.

Many new sign products have come onto the market that promote eco-friendly or green benefits as well. Some products such as LED lighting are helping to save customers money on energy. Others are more eco-friendly by using recycled materials.

Cutting Electricity Costs with LED Sign Lighting

  • LED lighting for example is now being used not only in Channel Letter type signs, but also in Lightbox signs.
  • LED lighting reduces energy costs by 30% versus fluorescent lighting and almost 70% versus neon.
  • LED lighting also contains no mercury and is recyclable. It further benefits our customers by reducing the amount of bulb changes and repairs needed and reducing fire hazards.
  • On average, LED lighting lasts 50,000 hours versus fluorescent bulbs at 10,000 hours or so.
  • Customers realize not only energy savings, but savings on maintenance and repairs. Onsite repair trips can cost customers at least $150.00 for an exterior sign that requires a bucket truck for repair.

Eco-Friendly Wood Products for Signs

New wood products such as Extira are providing a eco-friendly product for routed, carved, sandblasted and machined signs. Extira contains no urea formaldehyde and uses no old growth wood. It is made from unusable waste with no commercial timber value that is the byproduct of other operations. The manufacturer obtains it’s product from within a 200 mile radius of its plant, reducing energy consumption for shipping. For more information about Extira, you can visit them at

Other Ways To Make Signs More Eco-Friendly

Many of our suppliers, such as Gemini are re-using scrap metals and plastic in their production, reducing costs and waste. To learn more about Gemini sign products you can call us at 978-250-9890.

In addition to substrates and lighting, new low VOC inks are providing an eco-friendly option for printed signs. Direct to substrate printing reduces the need for painting and eliminates the need for additional sign materials sign as paint mask and transfer tapes. These signs are manufactured by printing directly on substrates using low VOC inks.

At Express Sign & Graphics, when feasible, we encourage our customers to refurbish existing signs. We also encourage sign maintenance (such as repainting carved signs) to further their lifespan.

As we progress into the future, hopefully more eco-friendly products will become available for sign manufacturers. Express Sign & Graphics will take a look at new sustainable and eco-friendly products as they come onto the market to review their features and benefits. We will encourage our customers to utilize them in their interior and exterior sign projects.

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