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Why Your New Business Sign is Critical to Your Success

Everyone knows the old adage…

“a business with no sign is a sign of no business.”

This rings true for almost any type of business whether its a home based business, in a retail environment, in a business or office park, or even web based businesses.  How will anyone know who your business is or what you sell if you don’t have some type of signage? Therefore in developing your business strategy, you must include a strategic well thought out plan for your business signage.  It has been proven time and again that signs are one of the most cost-effective advertising methods.

Many businesses wait until their restaurant is almost finished, their business office is built out or their retail store is about to open to consider what signage will be used. This leaves out one of the most important considerations of your marketing and advertising strategies.  Signage should be one of your top priorities when planning a build out or new business.  This is  especially true for retail, restaurant, and consumer based business.

Your business signage should be considered before signing any leases or choosing a site for your business.  Many of our customers have been shocked to find out that they have very limited signage due to their location a little too late to make changes.

On premises signs are an excellent, cost effective way for any type of business to increase impulse buys, brand awareness, and sales. Many cities and towns limit the amount of exterior signage allowed. It is important that you are aware of local sign bylaws when you choose your business location.  When limited by size or type, you have to take the time to develop a sign program for your on premises signs to ensure they are attractive, effective and create a clear message for your potential customer.

In a retail business environment your ideal signage package would include a wall sign over your store and hopefully a ground type sign such as a plaza directory.  Secondary signs including banners, sale notifications, point-of-purchase, isle or product identification increase the potential for your customer to notice you, find the products they need, and find their way.  Your delivery vehicles add an opportunity for branding and could include truck lettering or wraps that showcase store photos or product photos.  Listing your store locations on your vehicles lets customers know where to find you.

Where Else Might A Sign Help My Business be Successful?

In a doctors office, effective business signs that direct patients to the check-in/check-out windows and inform them of referral requirements, insurance information, etc. are extremely important to make the patients visit better. Larger physician practices and hospitals benefit from well thought out directories and Wayfinding systems to get their patients where they are going. There’s nothing worse than feeling ill and being lost so these types of signs provide an important benefit to the patient.

For other types of businesses such as high tech companies, lawyers, CPA’s, and manufacturing establishments, signs again play an important roll. An attractive Acrylic or Metal Lobby Sign showcasing your logo and tagline provide a professional look while helping you get your brand message to visitors. Coordinating office identification signs, Nameplates and Directories also enhance your office and increase brand awareness. Vehicle lettering and graphics on your service and delivery trucks increase consumer awareness.

Home and web based businesses can take advantage of vehicle lettering and graphics to get the word out. They also should take advantage of advertising in public spaces. For example many gyms offer advertising opportunities for businesses. When attending an event or Tradeshow attractive signs and displays give your business a professional look.

When budgeting for your on-premises signs, it is important to take into consideration the cost per impression and the life of your sign. Although initial costs may seem high in comparison to other forms of advertising, there is no question that the return on investment is much greater from signage than any other business advertising method.

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