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Everybody loves a winner, but Boston Bruins Fans are smiling this morning! After 39+ long years of waiting, our Bruins finally won the Stanley Cup. Not to age myself, but the last time we one, Nick and I were 9 years old. Boy does time fly.

My family (4 brothers) are not big hockey fans, but they were convinced this was something to see so they watched with us. Hockey is an exiting sport although at times a tad violent for the little ones, but the men in my house enjoy the hard hits as much as the great plays.

I know Nick and Andre are smiling today and hopefully both will show up for work tomorrow and not skip out to the parade. Who could blame them if they did.

Congratulations Boston Bruins! Boston is one of the best sports cities in the world and at times like these, it’s great to be part of the fan base.

Next up – Red Sox……

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