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What to Consider When Choosing a Sign Solution for your Business

When do most people take their first look at buying signage?  In general, it’s at the startup of a business or new location of a business.  Prior to that, many of our clients have never purchased signs before.  Sign buying can seem like an overwhelming process when you have not done it before.  There are so many different types of sign types and materials for fabricating signage that it may seem confusing to a new sign buyer.  Our job at Express Sign & Graphics is to make that process as Easy as 1-2-3!

Determining what product to use is just as important as deciding what colors, shape and size. 

The first question we ask is where is the sign going?  Inside or outside? 

This is an important first step in the decision making process.  We offer many Sign Products that are specific designed for Interior Signage  or Exterior Signage.  Others sign types are interchangeable and can used both inside and outside.  To determine the right sign type for your business, we need to take a look at where the sign is being installed and what purpose it is serving.  For example, is the sign on your main point of advertising, directional, informational?  Is it an interior sign created to showcase your branding or logo, regulatory, or decorative?

For Exterior Signs, a photo of your building or a quick lookup of the building on Google can help us decide which type of sign might work best, or what is the right sign based on what other tenants have.  In many cases, the landlord has predetermined what type of sign you may have.  That makes the decision process a bit easier.  Of course a site visit is ideal as we can measure and get current photos of the building to help guide us to choosing the right sign for your project.

For Interior signs, a onsite survey by one of our representatives or photo is also helpful so that we can see what type of wall we are dealing with, access for lighting if required, and what might be most visible or attractive in the area the sign is being installed.  There are many issues that are better seen in person such as visibility, lighting, items in the way of the sign location, etc.

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The next step in the process is to determine your budget for your sign

Signs vary greatly in cost so it’s a good idea to explore a couple of different options and price points for your sign.  Your sign manufacturer should be able to give you a general cost for a specific sign type.  For example, most channel letter outdoor signs start around $4,000.00.  That includes everything needed such as design, fabrication, installation and permitting.  However there are many factors that go into determining the cost of a sign.  Complex designs, large signs, raceways as other items can increase the cost of a sign greatly.  If we have a rough budget in mind, we can help you determine what sign type will get the most exposure for your money.

At Express Sign & Graphics, we do our best to educate our customers on the options available for their sign. We have samples in our showroom that help them see what they are buying. In addition, we try to have a great selection of photos on our website to help them see installed versions of the many different types of signs. We can also direct you to physical locations of our sign installations so that you can see them installed in the field. Furthermore, you can browse our website where we provide a web page for almost every different type of sign product, describing it’s uses, materials and longevity.

Once we’ve determine a budget and the sign location, the next step is to explore permitting

Sign allowances vary from town to town and even from location to location within a town.  Your sign company should be able to determine what is the appropriate and allowable size and type of sign for your project by a quick look at the town bylaws.  Our team is very familiar with the local towns and what signs and sizes are allowed.  In general, most towns allow a specific percentage of the wall or maximum sign size based on your storefront frontage or building frontage.  For freestanding signs, set backs are required in most towns as well as other specific requirements such as sign height.  Your specific town bylaws are available online by searching Town of… Sign Bylaw or Zoning Bylaw.

It’s a good idea to check this out prior to signing your lease to be sure the sign allowance meets your advertising needs.  Many clients are disappointed to find out they can only have a sign much smaller than they wanted.  Best to check first or ask your sign vendor.  It’s important to note that most Interior signs do not require permitting.  You are free to do as you wish inside your building.  The only exception would be electrical permits if you are lighting a sign.

Now What!

So, you’ve determined the sign size, materials, location and permitting situation.  Now what?  Leave it to us to help you design a sign that meets your budget and needs.  We are super creative and can make most situations and budgets work.

Get Help From the Experts

If you are ready to purchase a new sign, but are not sure what type of sign will suit your needs or your budget, we are ready to help you make that decision. Our knowledgeable sales staff will provide you with samples of different materials and offer you cost-effective products and solutions that you can buy with confidence. Simply stop in our store at 290 Littleton Road, Unit 4.   We are here Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. There is always a knowledgeable staff member ready to help.

Not sure what type of sign you need?  Check out our Product Catalog for just some of our options.  Not sure what you need?  Give us a call at 978-250-9890, we are happy to help you.

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