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Getting Your New Construction Projects Sold

Realtors, Builders and Developers need effective signage to help them to sell their new construction projects quickly.  Quality, durable signs help to make the property attractive, even during construction.  They also help to increase foot traffic and direct potential buyers through the property.

It is important to let your potential buyers know how the property or complex is laid out and where to go for buying or leasing information.  We often use a combination of signage on the properties to help both inform the buyers and direct them to the right location for information.

What Types of Signs Can You Use to Sell Real Estate?

We offer many solutions for Real Estate and New Construction signs.  Our most popular is 3/4″ PVC Panels up to 4′ x 8′ with PVC Post Sleeves and Decorative caps.  This is a durable, long-lasting, attractive solution.  For realtors and builders who have many projects, we can even use an existing sign setup for a new property by replacing the graphics, reducing costs.

We print Full Color, Outdoor Durable prints in house and laminate them with UV/Scratch resistant laminates to ensure they hold up to the elements and a construction area.  We also offer  A-Frames, Corrugated Signs and Wind Sail Flags which are often used on the properties for Direction,  Information and to help increase customer interest.


What Types of Signs are On a New Residential Construction Property?

Many of our larger communities have a Main Sign at the entry to the project.  This sign generally includes the Lot Plan, Realtor or Contact Information, and Pricing and Feature information.  It’s the first thing potential buyers see about a property, so it’s important that it be attractive and information.

  • As you drive through the property, other signs help potential buyers find their way.
  • Direction signs to indicate where the Sales Office or Open Houses are are important.  These can be A-Frames or Corrugated signs.
  • In larger properties, we’ve even done matching PVC Shaped signs for a more attractive, durable sign.
  • Wind Sail Flags generate excitement and interest and can direct buyers to specific model styles or an Open House.
  • Corrugated Lot marker signs help buyers see which lots are available and where they are located on the property.
  • Signage is an important tool in helping you to sell your New Construction projects.  The information is important to the potential buyer.
  • Effective signage eliminates confusion, reduces questions and speeds up the selling process.

Express Sign & Graphics can help you determine what types of signs are needed on the property to make the selling and buying process easier.  Our expert staff has worked on hundreds of sign projects for Realtors and Developers and knows how to help you get your project sold.

We also offer full Design Services and Printing.  We can help you with Brochures, Sell Sheets, Folders and information packets.  Short-run or larger printing project are no problem.

We’ve helped Realtors and Developers with Single Family Residential, Multi-Family, Condominium and Apartment Complexes.  We are also experienced with signage for Commercial and Retail Properties for Sale or Lease.

Call Today 978-250-9890 to learn how we can help you.  With over 30 years of experience, we have the products and knowledge to get the job done for you.  On Time and On Budget.

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