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Using Formed Plastic Letters for Signage

Gemini’s Formed Plastic Letters are a popular and durable product in the sign industry today. Gemini’s formed plastic letters are the standard for local businesses, office parks, and retail chains while offering versatility and a lifetime guarantee. Customization for your businesses image is a breeze with over 128 standard styles and 31 standard colors offered.

Gemini’s CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) plastics are very environmentally friendly. The body of the plastic is derived from wood and cotton fiber cells. Custom formed letters and logos are extremely weather-able and have stood the test of time with Gemini since 1963.

Some of the Features and Benefits of Formed Plastic Letters for Exterior Signs are:

  • Economy & Durability
  • Endures even the harshest conditions.
  • Best dimension for the money.
  • Quick delivery gives you instant results.
  • Made from a renewable resource (non-petroleum) plastic.

Some Uses of Formed Plastic Letters are:

  • Outdoor advertising for virtually any business, organization or institution.
  • Excellent choice for siganage when facing extreme time constraints.
  • You need long lasting signage that will last in the harshest  weather and environmental conditions.
  • Ideal for signs with lettering height is below 60″.
  • Can be used indoors or out.

Call today for a catalog of color options and font styles.  978-250-9890.  Fast turnaround time of two weeks on this product.  Installation service available.


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