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Many of our customers love PVC for their signs. Others are not sure exactly what PVC is. Here is some information about PVC, it’s uses and benefits to help you better undertand this product.

What Is PVC?

There’s a very detailed description on Wikipedia which will give you very scientific detailed description of this product. But, in laymens terms, it’s a great plastic type substrate which is offered in a variety of thicknesses including; 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and even 1″ thick. PVC is commonly known by it’s brand names including Sintra which is a well known name in the sign and graphics industries. The link above will take you to detailed listing of this products benefits, but relative to signs, we love it because:

It’s durable, especially in the thicker sheets which are great for house signs, project site signs, parking lot signs, custom shaped signs, carved signs and even custom cut sign letters.

PVC offers a smooth surface that accepts vinyl lettering and full color digital graphics easily.

PVC offers great dent resistance and is waterproof unlike foamcore products. This makes it great for trade show an POP signage as it can be easily packed and transported without worrying about dents and broken edges.

1/8″ PVC is available in a range of colors including; white, black, red, yellow and blue. Thicker PVC is available in black and white and can be painted. Express Sign & Graphics uses Ronan Matthews and One Shot paints for a beautiful high gloss lasting finish. With Matthews paints, Pantone matching is easy and the finish is long lasting and beautiful.

PVC can be routed to form custom logos, letters and shapes. Again, these can be painted. We can also do direct to substrate printing for POP and complicated artwork which then can be routed to shape.

It’s reasonably priced allowing for us to provide long-lasting attractive signs to our customers and a price they can afford.

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