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Parking Garage Signs

How many signs does it take to make a garage a safe and effective parking area? Well, in the case of a recent University of MA Lowell garage the total was around 297! The seven level parking garage and lot is located in their south campus. Each level included signage indicating:

Travel Direction
Handicapped Parking Areas
Carpool Parking Areas
Compact Car Parking Areas
Height Minimums/Custom Headache Bars
No Parking Areas
Exit Locations
Stair and Elevators
Non-Potable Water
Campus Access
ADA Room Identifications
Level Number Indicators
Snow Dump Locations
Exterior Identification signs
and more!

Parking Garage Sign at UMASS Lowell
Parking Garage Sign Installation at UMASS Lowell

This project demonstrated the thought and planning that architects, project managers and property owners have to go through to be sure they have thought of everything to keep their end-users safe and happy.  Working together with the General Contractor, Architect and the University, we developed a signage package that matched the Universities sign standards requirements.   Using primarily aluminum, we created custom painted aluminum sign panels lettered with reflective lettering as needed.

Signs were installed using various methods throughout the garage. Being in a parking garage, we had to create effective hanging methods where there were wall openings, ceiling hung signs, and other sticky situations. Signs were hung on cement walls, posts, custom ceiling brackets, walls and more. Some signs were removed from their original locations, relocated and in one instance moved again! All in all, it was a fun project for us taking almost 3 months to complete from start to finish. Partly due to hold ups in construction at the garage, partly due to additional signs added as we went along.

A major concern in parking garages in my opion and from a safety perspective is letting users know what level they are on. Throughout this project, we used reflective signs that are more visible at night and in dark parking areas. Level signs are some of the most important signs in the garage and prove useful in a number of situations such as for remembering where your car is parked after a long day or night of classes, and as quick reference for first responders when there is any type of emergency.

If you are working on a parking lot renovation or on a new parking structure please give us a call at Express Sign & Graphics, Inc. We have many products and solutions to help you make your project a success. We offer free estimates and will work with you and your client to ensure that your parking signage provides a safe and effective finished project.

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