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Truck Lettering as Easy as 1-2-3

As you have read in our previous posts on truck lettering and vehicle lettering, this is one of the most cost-effective means of advertising your business.  It’s easy to get your truck lettered at Express Sign & Graphics. Our customers can come into the showroom Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm to meet with a sales representative.  We take pictures of your vehicle, measure the areas you want signage and then use this information to work with you to design an effective advertising message for your business.

We often have customers who are very busy and don’t have time to come into the showroom or who haven’t yet received their new vehicle.  This is no problem.  We have access to very accurate vehicle outline graphics that are to scale for virtually any type of truck, van, box truck and even equipment such as bulldozers and backhoes.  This makes it easy to work with you on your vehicle or truck lettering project by email.  We will design your truck advertising from information we gather with you by phone and email and present options for the best solution to your vehicle advertising need.

What Do You Need To Provide Your Sign Company to Get Your Truck Lettered?

For best results on any sign project including truck lettering, an .EPS or vector version of your logo is required.  Don’t have a vector graphic?  No problem.   Our qualified sign design team can help you recreate your logo or even design a new logo for you.  If you do have an .EPS file, it is also important to know what Pantone colors are used in your logo.  Pantone is a color matching system used by printers, sign companies and others to ensure consistency in your color across a wide range of products including printing, screenprinting and full color graphics.

In addition to your logo, any preferred font styles are needed.  If you don’t have a preferred or standard font setup, we can certainly help you to design your truck lettering using fonts that will work in concert with your logo.

What Type of Material Do We Use for Truck Lettering?

Truck and vehicle graphics are creating using rolls of colored vinyl which have an adhesive backing.  We use Oracal vinyls which offers dozens of color options for you.  Many colors are Pantone matched as well. We also have mirror and leaf style vinyls, reflective vinyl and other specialty vinyls such as color-shift change vinyl.  The vinyl graphics are cut on a plotter, weeded, taped and masked.  This is then applied directly to the vehicle.  We generally use Oracal 751 vinyl for our truck lettering projects which provide 7-9 year lifespans for the color and adhesion.

For vehicle graphics that require full color graphics such as gradients, detailed logos or Pantone colors that don’t match any of our regular vinyls, we use Oracal Digital Vinyl printed on our Roland printer.  These decals are printed, laminated and contour cut to any shape or letter needed.  This allows for complete color and design customization.  We can also print wraps, photos, and other detailed illustrations needed for your truck lettering project.  Digitally Printed or Full Color graphics with UV Lamination will last from 3-5 years on your vehicles.

Basic Pickup Truck 2 Color Lettering

Basic Pickup Truck 2 Color Lettering

Trailer Lettering and Decals

Landscape Trailer with Full Color Graphics

Box Truck Lettering

Box Truck with Reflective Lettering

How is My Vehicle Prepped for Installation of the Graphics?

It is preferred that you take your truck or vehicle for a car wash before bringing it in for lettering.  Salt, sand, dirt and grease will affect the longevity of your truck lettering decals.  Cleaned vehicles are then prepped with alcohol to ensure that that the surface is grease free and ready to accept the vinyl graphics. In colder weather it is preferred that we keep your truck or vehicle in our heated garage for a couple of hours prior to driving it to assure that the decal adhesive has time to stick.  In warmer weather, you can drive your vehicle immediately after lettering.

How Long Will I Need To Leave My Vehicle to Have It Lettered?

Most truck lettering projects take 3-4 hours.  This would include 2 doors of a pickup and tailgate for example.  For larger projects such as box trucks with graphics on the sides and back, a full day is needed for preparation and installation of your truck lettering.  We do have a key drop which makes it easier for you to drop your vehicle off the day before.  We also offer on-site truck lettering installations for customers who have a heated garage, or appropriate area for lettering.

Still have questions on getting your vehicle lettered?  Please feel free to stop in the showroom or call us at 978-250-9890 our team is ready to help you.

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