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Exterior Signs – How Exterior Signage works hard for your Business

Outdoor advertising is a highly effective advertising channel and can work for businesses with both big and modest budgets.
Whether you are a new business looking for a new exterior sign or an existing business looking to update your current outdoor sign. That old saying, your first impression is your last impression, is never more as pertinent than it is with signage design because a sign is the initial and most recognisable feature of a brand.

Outdoor signs help your business claim space in the streetscape, on the roadside or in the skyline.
It is therefore integral that when considering new signage as part of your brand overhaul that you understand what works, what doesn’t work and what is downright dangerous to your business to implement.

How do you get noticed?

Strong signage and a recognizable brand are invaluable to a company’s commercial success and are often what shapes a customer’s perception of a business or organization. Your Exterior Signage should cut right through the clutter.
When you invest in creative, eye-catching signs, you put your business in front of new customers every day.
From cost-effective to high-end signage solutions, it makes sense to spend your marketing money on ensuring your company, product or special gets noticed. Well-designed outdoor signs are what help you stand out in the crowd.



Here’s some tips from Express Sign & Graphics for creating lasting impressions with your exterior branding.

Be Recognisable, not Informative

Nowadays, exterior branding should be more about recognition instead of information. Include a URL if you want consumers to have access to more information. But text should always be short, sharp and easily read when driving by.


Humanise your Brand

The use of lifestyle images is becoming more and more popular because they offer companies the opportunity to add emotion and a humanizing element to the brand.  Images are much more informative than a bullet pointed list of services so consider a suitable image that says the most about your brand’s identity.



While it may go without saying, it’s important to ensure your new sign design is unique and helps separate your brand distinctly from your competitors



Beyond your logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of your brand identity. Try and make a color your own as it means often people are consuming and recognizing your brand at a glance and without actually noticing it.  Examples include McDonalds Yellow & Red, Verizon’s Black & Red and Heineken Green.


Easy to maintain

There’s nothing worse than sagging banners, faded colors or peeling paint. Like the rest of a building, exterior branding and signage should be easy to maintain and able to withstand weather conditions.  Often material choice means the difference between fading colors and images so seek advice about which material is right for your color, location and style.


Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs work day and night to draw attention and double your visibility, driving your marketing message 24/7 and delivering maximum impact. If your business is competing for attention in a busy area bright signage will help you get noticed. LED technology has advanced the ways in which your signs can be lit – from 3D fabricated letters, backlit logos and under awning lightboxes. We will craft you the perfect sign.


Outdoor Signs Options

There is an extensive list of options for Exterior Signs. Our catalog helps you select the right outdoor sign for you and your business.


Custom Exterior Signage – Create Lasting Impressions with Your Exterior Branding

Express Sign & Graphics has helped many brands create stunning exterior signage.
To find out how we can help you manage your new brand strategy and sign design – including everything from initial concept design, installation and maintenance – just contact us. Our team can help you from start to finish with sign designs, sign permitting, sign installation and even sign maintenance on all of your exterior signs.


Contact us and we will help you choose the right wayfinding solution.

Contact us and we will help you choose the right solution.

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