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Are You Running For Election for a Local Office?

If you are running for a position in your town government, your signs are an important factor in whether or not you Win that position you are trying for.  The Spring is an active time in the Merrimack Valley area for Local Elections.  Candidates are running for various positions such as School Council, Selectman, Commissioner, and Moderator.  Various positions are also available on Committees.  Here is the schedule for our immediate area for upcoming Town Elections:


Town Election Schedule 2018
3/5/18     Lexington, MA 4/7/18      Burlington, MA
3/10/18   Bedford, MA 4/23/18     Pepperell, MA
3/27/18   Acton, MA 5/2/18       Westford, MA
3/27/18  Concord, MA 5/12/18    Littleton, MA
4/3/18    Chelmsford, MA 5/22/18   Groton, MA


For those trying to win these positions, effective signage is crucial to getting those in your District to know who you are and elect you.  It’s important that your signs don’t look old and worn.  Many people re-run for positions that they have been in for a while and re-use old signs.  You want to build confidence that you are the right person for the job and worn out, dated looking signs don’t help your case.

What Colors Work Best for Getting Elected to a Local Office

Traditionally political signs are red, white and blue.  It gives a Patriotic feel and these colors are also attention getting.  However, with so many people using the same color, sometimes it’s best to go un-traditional and chose a color that grabs attention and stands out from the crowd.  As you can see below, there are areas in most towns where everyone is posting their sign and it can get cluttered and difficult to stand out.  Select a color scheme that stands out from the environment (i.e. snow, grass, trees) and the crowd.  Maroons, Orange, Purple colors grab the eye.


Image result for picture of a bunch of political signs


Text and It’s Impact on the Effectiveness of Your Political Sign

It’s always best to have an experienced graphic designer help you with your sign layout.   It is very common to have the last name very large with a smaller first name.  Consider if anyone with the same or similar name is running against you.  If so, perhaps the importance should be placed on the first name.  Use blocks of color with text reversed out to give a one or two color sign more appeal and create visual space.  And don’t forget the importance of white space.  If all of your text is crammed edge to edge, it will be difficult to read your sign. It is also important to have your artwork in Vector format to allow for the best output.  Our staff is ready to help you with Free design on your political signs.

What Type of Material or Sign Should I Use for My Election Sign

There are three common types of signs for Political Signs.

Fold Over Posters or All Weather Posters are made from a heavyweight coated cardboard. These are available in a number of sizes inlcuding; 11 x 14, 22 x 14, 22 x 28, 28 x 11 and 44 x 28. Keep in mind that the finished size is half of the height as they are folded to attached to the stake. These types of signs are generally screenprinted.  Fold Over Posters are stapled to U type stakes before putting into the ground.  These are durable enough for one or two election cycles.

We can produce Fold Over posters in quantities of 25 and up and they can be printed in one, two, or even full color graphics.  There are generally a number of standard ink colors for printing.  Custom colors are available at an added cost.  Typically we can produce screenprinted signs in about 2 weeks.

Corrugated Signs are a more durable option and can be any size.  The typical Yard Sign you see for landscapers, elections, etc are 24″ wide and 18″ tall.  This gives you a little more advertising space.  Corrugated signs can be vinyl lettered, screenprinted or full-color.  The use an H style stake which inserts into the corrugated material an then into the ground.  These could last a number of election cycles and are best if you are looking for a more durable solution.  They also can be made in virtually any size.  The sign below is 8′ wide x 4′ tall and makes a big statement on a front lawn.

We can make corrugated signs in 2-3 days if needed in a rush.  Larger quantities can take about a week to produce without incurring any rush charges.  You can easily produce full color graphics on this product for a very reasonable price allowing you to add your photo or some attractive graphics.  These signs can also be attached to a tall stake for holding at the Election site or downtown.

Corrugated Election Sign Chelmsford, MA

Corrugated Election Sign Chelmsford, MA

Banners are another type of sign that can be used for Political advertising.  These are flexible signs which can be virtually any size.  They can easily be rolled and stored or transported to different locations for events.  Banners are available in vinyl or fabric and can be vinyl lettered or full color printing.  This is a great low-cost solution if you need only one or two signs for a Candidate Night or some other event.

You can also enhance your campaign with Bumper Stickers.  We make small quantities in-house in just a couple of days.  These are great to pass out to your friends and family to help enhance your campaigning.

If you are running for office, give us a call.  We have the products you need and can get you noticed so that you can win your election!  We love working with local candidates.  You can stop by our Showroom at 9 Kidder Road in Chelmsford, MA or call us at 978-250-9890.  We look forward to helping you make your campaign a success!


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