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Why Retrofit Your T-12 Fluorescent Sign Lighting With LED Lighting?

Your sign is your companies face to the world. When you retrofit your existing Fluorescent Lighting with LED’s you realize many benefits.  Both in terms of dollars and in terms of better signage.

  • LED’s outperform fluorescent lighting and provide a great ROI for your advertising/sign budget.
  • They are less expensive to use and maintain and they don’t mind the cold.  Fluorescent lamps can lose up to 50% of their light output in colder months.  Something we have plenty of here in New England.
  • LED’s don’t typically Burn Out like fluorescent bulbs, they just become dimmer allowing your sign to look better longer.
  • LED’s do not contain Mercury which reduces the environmental impact and disposal issues you have with standard Fluorescent lighting.
  • When a light goes out on your sign with fluorescent lighting, it is very noticeable.  The loss of one LED module will not be noticeable.


Fluorescent lighting exists in signs all over the US.  Even though LED has become more cost-effective and popular as a lighting method for new signs, over 80% of existing sign cabinets still have Fluorescent lighting.  What are the benefits of retrofitting your existing sign with LED light?  

Benefits of Converting Your Sign to LED Lighting

Energy Savings/Better Lighting LED’s lower your overall energy usage by 50-75% on your signs.  LED’s provide a directional light as their light projects straight out versus bulbs which provide a 360 degree illumination, losing much of the lighting to the back, top and bottom of a single sided lightbox.  With LED’s, you use less energy while providing more effective lighting.

MaintenanceThe cost of having new lamps put in your Fluorescent sign can be costly if your sign is out of reach of a ladder.  Trip charges for bucket truck work can start at a minimum of $250.00 for the trip out.  Higher up signs, or large signs with many lights could run several hundred dollars per maintenance trip.  The lamps are relatively inexpensive, but the time and labor to get to the site and perform the work is where the costs are.  With LED illumination, you have less maintenance with many LED lights lasting up to 100,000 hours. This reduces your service calls and increases your ROI on your sign investment.

Managing Upfront Costs The best way to reduce the upfront costs of converting from T-12 to LED is to have it done when your bulbs or ballasts are in need of maintenance.  If you are in need of a maintenance visit, you can just add the cost of the time and materials to change out the lighting while we are there.

What is the Payback Period for converting to LED Lighting in my Lightbox Sign?

Generally you realize your Return on investment on an LED conversion in about 2 years with reduced maintenance costs and reduced electricity expenses. 


Want to learn more about retrofitting your Light box/Cabinet sign with high-quality, long-lasting LED lighting.  Give us a call.  We have many options including Stick style LED lighting that utilizes your existing sockets, reducing labor time to convert your sign. 

Have Neon Channel letters?  You can definitely realize a substantial savings in electricity costs, reduce fire hazards and have a better lighted sign in cold weather with an LED conversion.

Call today for an Estimate on Your LED Sign Conversion project. 1-877-SIGN123 or 978-250-9890.








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