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Looking to Reduce Electrical Cost for Your Signs?

LED lighting for channel letters, lightbox and other illuminated signs has become the standard over the past several years.  LED’s offer many benefits in addition to being green.  For example:

LED Lighting for Signs
LED Lighted Channel Letters and Lightbox Signs
  • Well made LED’s will last up to 50,000 hours versus Fluorescent Bulbs at 10,000 hours. That means your lighted sign will last 17 years versus 3 1/2 years before needed lighting repairs.
  • LED lighting saves you approximately 30% on your electric bill over fluorescent bulbs and substantially more than that versus neon.
  • You don’t have breakage issues with LED lighting versus fluorescent bulbs.
  • Our LED’s come with a 4 year warranty on the LED’s and a 5 year warranty on the Power Supply.
  • LED’s provided a consistent, even illumination over color changes common in fluorescent lamps.
  • LED’s operate in low temperature environments – unlike fluorescent, LEDs work best in the cold with Instant On and no warm up time.
  • Low voltage designs reduce fire hazards
  • LED’s operate in temperatures from -40 degrees to +170 degrees.
  • LED’s are UL, CUL and CSA recognized and CE Certified.
  • LED’s have no disposal issues unlike fluorescent which contain mercury and LED’s can be recycled.
  • LED’s allow for shallower channel letters and lightbox cabinets.

All in all, LED’s provide a brighter sign at a lower operating costs with less negative effects on the environment. What more could you ask for.

Express Sign & Graphics is now using LED lighting as it’s primary lighting choice in all of our Channel Letter Signs and Lightbox Signs.  LED Lighting is also used for backlighted Acrylic letters and even for Marquee letters.

Express Sign & Graphics also converts existing signs to LED Lighting.  Call for a Quote Today 978-250-9890.

Call today to find out more about LED Channel Letter signs and Lightboxes.

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