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Your Logo Says a Lot About Your Company.  Make it Great.


It’s just about 2019.  A new year for you and your business.   Is it time for a Logo Refresh?  Does your logo scream 1985? Has your business model changed, but you are still using the same old logo and branding? 

Now is a great time to take a look at how your are presenting your company to the world.  It’s critical for Branding your company to keep consistent with font styles, colors and design.

You want your customers and potential customers to know it’s you every time they see you on the internet, driving by in your truck, or visiting your store.  Your logo should be displayed on your Facebook and Pinterest pages as well as on your Instagram account.  This helps keep your brand in front of your potential clients at all times.



Why Do You Need a Logo?

A logo tells people the name of your company, but it also sets the stage for your business by creating a memorable symbol.  A professional logo builds trust in your company.  When thinking about your logo, remember to keep it simple and clear.  Overly scripted fonts, too much frill or overly decorative fonts with shadows, borders, etc.  make it more difficult to read, harder to use in signage and less memorable. 


Using Your Logo Consistently

It’s a good idea for you or your logo designer to create a Logo Usage Guide to ensure that you are maintaining consistency.  This guide should outline your Pantone colors, fonts used, white space needed around the logo, proper and improper logo usage.  You can provide this guide to your sign company, printer and graphic designers to ensure that they understand the proper way to use your logo.  

Make 2019 A Great Year for Your Business with a Great Logo

So, take a look at your current branding.  Compare it with your competitors to make sure you are standing out from the crowd.  Check through all  of your marketing materials including; business cards, brochures, social media, signage and vehicle lettering.  Make sure you have a consistent message facing your potential clients.  A hodgepodge of different styles says you don’t quite have your business in order.  

Need help with a logo redesign?  Give Express Sign & Graphics a call.  We can help you with thoughtful insights into what works for your type of business.  Our rates are great and we can put your logo on your trucks, signs, t-shirts, stationary and more right here.  

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