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Movable Sign Posts and Bases

There are situations where it is not possible or warranted to install a sign into the ground.  It could be that you need a temporary solution for parking signs during construction, or that you have a tar or concrete area where you need a sign and don’t want to cut it.   Occasionally we also have clients who need a Parking Sign installed in the winter when the ground is frozen.

Whatever the reason, Movable Sign Bases are a great answer to fill you need.  These bases come in a variety of materials, weights and sizes to meet just about any need.  Whether it’s a temporary Parking Sign, Stop Sign or Directional Information for your Parking Lot, we have a great selection of products for your need.

PVC Post and Panel Real Estate Sign
Interior Dimensional Logo Made with Sintra PVC
3D Exterior Sign Made with PVC

What to look for in a temporary sign post and base

Finding a perfect solution for your temporary parking lot sign needs is easy with the newer products on the market.  You have options other than heavy and bulky cement post bases.  Temporary or Movable Sign Posts and Bases such as the Rock It from Plasticade come in Yellow, Blue or Black giving you some option for color.

Blue Rock-It Sign Base

Rock It Rollable Sign Bases from Plasticade

These bases with a 5′ tall post which is ideal for parking lots

so that the sign is high enough to be easily visible over cars and trucks.

These lighter weight bases can be filled with sand or water to increase stability

in stormy or windy situations.  The built in wheels make them easy to move around.



GB4 Sign Base with Wheels

The GB4 Sign Base offers a lower profile Cast Iron base with optional wheels. Movable Parking Lot Signs

These are ideal for temporary signs such as Valet Parking or Directional Signs

for events where a shorter 4′ post is enough.  The heavy weight base offers stability

in windy locations, but the wheels make them easy to move as needed.

The GB4 can hold signs up to 24″ x 24″.



Gemstone Valet & Parking Signs

The GemstoneTM Valet & Parking Sign

Offers a 36″ x 8″ Reflective Vertical Sign Panel.  It also has a built in handle for easy moving.  These signs are

designed to withstand impact from vehicle.  The Gemstone Valet & Parking sign comes in 9 and 20lb weights and

are available with a variety of sign options.



Signicade A-Frame Signs

Offer an easy solution for posting Lot Full or Directing parking lot  users where to go.Signicade A Frame Signs

These durable plastic signs can hold corrugated, aluminum or PVC signs in Full Color, Reflective or Vinyl Graphics

and signs can be easily changed out as needed.  Useful for single or double sided signs, and available in a variety of

colors, you can’t go wrong with these when you need a temporary sign.



Rubber Sign Base with Square PostRubber Sign Bases

These posts are available three sizes 30,60 and 90 lbs.   The come with a square

Plastic post that increases your signs stability and reduces wind damage. Also

available with or without wheels.




If you are looking for durable, long-lasting solutions, these products are ideal for helping you inform and direct your parking lot users.  These products are great for Events, Valet Parking, and even long-term parking lot solutions.

We offer the products and solutions you need to make your job easier.  Fast turnaround and reasonable pricing makes Express Sign & Graphics your Go -To company for all types of signs as Easy as 1-2-3!

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