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Why Use a Professional Sign Installer?

Some of our customers prefer to install their own signs however, that’s not always the best option. Professional sign installation is important to ensure that your sign lasts as long as possible with the least amount of issues. A professional sign installer has experience with all types of sign installations both interior and exterior. This experience is critical to making sure the sign is installed properly to look its best and last longest.

Liability Issues with Signage

Sign installations such as hanging signs that hang over at sidewalk or public way, must be installed properly to prevent accidents.  Injury or damages from an incorrectly installed sign could cost thousands in liability insurance claims if the sign should fall.  In many instances cities and towns require a professional sign installation for Liability Insurance reasons.  A professionally installed sign reduces the likelihood of such accidents.  A professional sign installer should carry the appropriate insurance to cover these potential accidents and has the knowledge to prevent them.

Custom Sign Bracket and Carved Sign with Gold Leaf

Custom Sign Bracket and Carved Sign with Gold Leaf, Andover MA

Additionally, large Pylon Signs require professionally installed footings and often require Engineered Stamp Drawings.   Large Projecting style signs or awnings must be properly engineered and installed to ensure they can handle wind loads and snow loads.  It is necessary for a professional sign installer to apply for the Sign Permit and Electrical Permit to ensure that they can properly withstand weather, wind loads and are engineered for safety.

What Are Other Reasons for Having a Professional Sign Installation?

We have many customers who would like to install their own Vinyl Decals or Truck Graphics. This is a cost-effective solution if the customer knows how to do the installation properly. Often someone who doesn’t know how to properly install graphics will end up with bubbles or creases in the vinyl.  This could mean paying extra to have the vinyl remade or the vinyl not lasting as long due to improper installation.  Preparation of the vehicle to ensure it is grease free is also critical, something a Professional Sign Installer would be aware of.

In addition to improper preparation on truck lettering, we often see truck lettering installations where the letters look crooked because the installer leveled them rather than following the trucks body lines. This is an expertise that comes from years of practice.


ull Color Window Graphics

Full Color Window Graphics Volkswagon Bedford, MA

It also takes plenty of practice to learn how to properly install vinyl lettering and Window Graphics in such a way to prevent bubbles, creases, and other unwanted results from your installation.  Particularly for larger Frosted Vinyl or Perforated Vinyl sections.  Additionally, if an issue with bubbles or creases occurs, a professional installer will correct the problem and guarantee their work at no additional cost to the customer.

In other situations such as installing granite sign posts for a freestanding sign, improper installation could result in breakage of your sign .  Signs installed to tightly between posts not allowing room for expansion and contraction of the signed material could cause warping or breakage.   High Density Urethane carved or sandblasted signs also need to be installed using the correct hardware and attachment methods to ensure they last and hold up between posts.

Signs installed on EIFS walls also need special attention to ensure they are properly attached to the building.  Blocking with plywood or some other durable material is required behind the sign to ensure proper attached.   Many of the newer or updated malls and plazas use the EIFS material on the facades of their buildings and our installers are very familiar with the proper attachment methods.

Sign Installation on EIFS

Sign Warranties

In some instances self installation will void any warranty covered by the sign vendor. This is because the wrong attachment or installation method can cause defects in the sign.  Incorrect attachment can cause warping, electrical issues, lighting issues and so on.  Similar to installing your electrical or plumbing work, many sign installations require permits and inspections which can only be requested by a professional sign company.  

Although we don’t recommend it, if you still feel you would prefer to install your own sign, it is best to inquire exactly how to correctly install your sign before attempting to do it yourself to ensure it’s longevity and proper installation.  Most sign companies will provide you with some basics on the installation method and drawings of how it should be attached.

Express Sign & Graphics has been installing signs for 30 years.  Our staff has the on the job experience and know how to make sure your sign installation is done right.  We guarantee our work and always make sure we do the job right the first time, every time.

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