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What are Corrugated Signs?

Corrugated signs are made from a lightweight plastic material.  These signs are extremely cost-effective, yet durable and long-lasting.   We use Coroplast brand substrates for our corrugated signs.  This material comes in 8′ x 4′ sheets allowing us to make any size sign up to 8′ x 4′.  The Coroplast material is lightweight, weather resistant and stain resistant.

Corrugated plastic is a great material for both your indoor and outdoor signs.  It’s generally used for yard signs and political signs but also has many other uses.  This lightweight, yet durable material offers advantages over other materials such as PVC and Aluminum due to it’s durability and ease of cutting.  Coroplast is great for small signs such as real estate riders and directional signs, event signs as well as large signs.

Corrugated Political Sign 8 x 4 feet

What Type of Printing is Done on Corrugated Signs?

Corrugated signs can be screenprinted, direct to substrate printed or vinyl lettered.  The corrugated sections make it easy to spliced at the ridges to create a variety of shapes such as triangles or tent shapes.  This makes them great for making hanging signs or freestanding signs for many purposes as shown in the example below.

Corrugated signs can also be folded or made with an easel for table tents and  tradeshow displays.   Many of the P-O-P Displays you see in the grocery stores and other retail outlets are actually built from Corrugated Plastic materials.  With the ability to  direct-to-substrate print, the displays can be decorated with full color graphics, making them eye-catching and relatively low cost.

Custom Sign with Coroplast

Custom Tent Sign using Coroplast

Corrugated Trade Show Signs

Table Tents and Easel Back Trade Show Signage

What are the Color Options?

Corrugated material comes in a variety of colors including white, yellow, blue, red, orange and black.  These color options allow us to make you attractive, cost-effective signs in two or three colors. Corrugated signs are reasonably priced and durable enough to be used over and again.  Many of our clients keep their event signs and have us make decals for new dates and times each year.

These signs  are one of the lowest cost options for signage which makes them great for temporary or short term signage.   We find many of our landscapers and contractors use corrugated signs on their job site that way they can leave them behind at their clients sites.  With a reasonable cost, these offer great exposure and ROI for marketing.

What are Other Ways to Display or Hang Coroplast Signs?

Corrugated signs can also be grommeted so that they can be home from fencing or other areas. Corrugated signs are great for political signage and can be made to 4′ x 8′ sizes with any size in between.   The material can be displayed using the standard “H” style step stakes,  stapled to a wooden stake or on the heavier duty corrugated even put between posts.

Corrugated material is great for short term advertising such as window displays or hanging displays in retail areas or restaurants.  It’s often used for menu items in restaurants with full color graphics.

Full Color Printing on Coroplast

Corrugated Directional Signs

This material is lightweight and therefore easy to hang using something as simple as fishing line or something more complex such as custom brackets or ceiling mounts and chain. Corrugated material can also be routed into various shapes such as arrows or football football’s or houses or even a golf club.

These are great for specialty use as such as golf tournament football team recognition signs and special events. Realtors can use house shaped signs to advertise real estate for sale or arrow-shaped signs to point to potential buyers to an open house. The reasonable cost of this material makes it suitable for temporary advertising outdoors for everything from a going out of business sale to a special event that requires directional and informational signage for only a short time.


How Much Do Corrugated Signs Cost?

We offer great pricing on Corrugated Signage.  Pricing is generally by the square foot ($8.00), decreasing with the volume of signs you purchase.  Pricing varies depending on the imprint type.  Screenprinting with multiple colors is generally more expensive now than full color direct-to -substrate printing.  This is great as it allows you more creative in your sign designs.  Generally, you can get 18 x 24 double sided full color signs for as low as $12/sign when you order 250.  Even lower pricing on larger quantities.

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