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How To Design a Truck Lettering that Gets You Business

After 20 years of designing and lettering thousands of trucks, I’ve learned many things about how to make my customers happy and what gets them business.   There are a number of key factors to consider when lettering your vehicle or truck for your business.

With millions of lettered and wrapped cars and trucks on the road, you want to get your message across quickly and effectively. Too much information or too little information can make it difficult for potential clients to get the information they need to decide to call you.

Yes, truck lettering is an extension of your branding.  It is possibly one of the largest advertisements you will ever have.  This means it is critical that you get a quality truck lettering job that portrays the message you want to send about you and your business.

In the chart above, I’ve pointed out a number of important items that should be part of any vehicle lettering package.  For companies with different types of vehicles or other equipment, it’s important to keep that consistency in design throughout all of your trucks.   An experienced graphics designer that works with truck lettering should have the forethought to consider that when coming up with a design for you.

What Information Should Go On My Truck?

There are a number of key elements that all businesses should include in their vehicle lettering.  Specifically if they are using it for advertising purposes.  As in any writing, you want the Who, What, How of the message to be the most important and visible parts of the vehicle.  This means your

  1. Business Name and Logo
  2. What you do and who for
  3. How a customer can contact you

Other information can be added as needed such as Licensing Information, Specialities, decorative graphics, truck numbers and other items.


Examples of Truck Lettering Projects Using Our 10 Step Recommended


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