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Lobby Signs are an attractive addition to any office.  They add your branding message to a location where your customers, vendors and visitors see it right away.  Generally located behind a reception desk, or on a feature wall in your lobby or reception area, Lobby Signs can be fabricated in numerous ways.

Using High Quality Materials for your Lobby Sign Helps You Showcase Your Business

    • In addition making your visitors feel comfortable and your employees feel part of the corporate team, Lobby Signs offer a nice feature to backdrop awards, product information/photos, and product information.


Your material selection for your sign tells a lot about your business. In the Consumer and  B2B corporate world, how you present your business makes a difference in how customers see your company and value your products.

An attractive sign in a Salon, Dental Office or Medical Office lobby tells your patients and patrons you care about their business.  High Quality Materials such as Brass, Bronze, and Stainless Steel showcase your businesses appreciation for quality.  Other materials such as stained wood, colored backgrounds,  and acrylic can convey a message that you are fun, modern or perhaps eco friendly.

Lighted Channel Letters showcase your name and add a feeling of warmth to your lobby.

Need Help with a Sign Project? Give us a Call at 978.250.9890.  Our Team of Pros will Help you Design-Build  and Install Your sign.  Over 20 years of experience helps us make your sign buying as Easy as 1-2-3!

How To Decide What Material Is Best for an Indoor Sign

When creating your sign design your designer should take into consideration a number of factors.  Here are some of those factors:

  •  Height and distance that your sign will be read from.  
  • Existing conditions such as wall colors or materials, lighting and the general feel of your reception area/lobby.
  • Visibility from different angles.  You want a sign that looks attractive from the front and sides.
  • Where is your sign in relation to the entrance?  Is there a location that grabs attention and perhaps makes better sense or accommodates a larger sign?

All of these considerations help to determine the proper sign size, material and colors for your Lobby Sign.

Our team member will visit your site, measure and take photos so that they can impose your sign on the photo to scale to provide you a good visual before purchasing.  At this point, you can determine if there is enough color contrast, depth and visibility.


Lobby Sign

Express Sign & Graphics can provide you with a variety of options and pricing.  Again, some very important things to consider when planning your exterior sign options are:

  • Sign/Logo Colors versus background
  • Thickness of material
  • Cut Metal or Acrylic or fabricated metal for more depth
  • Lighting – internally lit letters or external lighting

Some other Considerations are:

  • How will you handle any gradients or fades in your logo colors
  • Do you want a metal finish versus your logo colors to pop on a dark wall?
  • Should you use a backer panel or mount letters and logos directly to the wall

Remember, your sign is your best marketing investment. It works for you 24/7/365 as a tool to keep your business in your potential customers mind. Investing in a quality sign is your best bet. Many of our customers appreciate the extra steps we take to ensure that their sign will be a long lasting attractive feature inside their office or business.

If you have any questions or a sign project you would like us to quote for you, please call us at 978-250-9890, we will be happy to help you.

For more information on Lobby Signs, check out our Lobby Sign Catalog with details on materials, styles and more.

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With over 20 years of experience, the Team at Express Sign & Graphics is ready to assist you with getting your Property looking great!

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