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Acrylic Signs with Standoffs

Acrylic Signs with Standoffs , can include vinyl or dimensional logos and can be made virtually any size.  Standoffs have multiple depths and finishes.

Let us design and create a professional looking custom office or lobby sign with dimensional letters for you today!

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Acrylic Signs with Standoffs

If you are looking for an attractive directory sign, office identification sign or logo sign, Acrylic Signs with Standoffs are a Great Option.  Our Standoffs are available in a wide range of colors and sizes including; polished and brushed Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Gold Anodized.  Although Clear Acrylic is a very popular option, these signs can also be made on painted or colored acrylics, with frosted acrylic or added frosted vinyl and in multiple layers. Perfect for:

Looking for examples of Standoff Acrylic Signs, check out our Gallery Page


  • Acrylic is a great way to make dimensional signs.  We offer thicknesses from 1/8″ up to 3/4″.
  • Acrylic signs and dimensional letters and logos can be painted to match your Pantone colors using our Matthews paints.
  • Add Chemetal laminates to acrylic letters for  great finishes such as brushed or polished metals and more!
  • We can make one dimensional letters or multi-layered signs to make your logo or sign Pop!



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