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Cast, Precision Tooled and Etched Plaques

Custom Plaques are ideal for Building Dedications, Memorials, Building Identification and more.  We offer a number of solutions for these plaques including Etched, Cast, and Precision tooled.  Each style of plaque has it’s own features and benefits.

Precision Tooled Plaques offer a high level of detail.  They are available in Lead Free Aluminum, Bronze or Brass Alloys.  We off an number of textures, colors and finishes.  These plaques can be up to 40″ x 84″.

Cast Plaques offer integral sculpting and background textures.  They offer greater depth and dimension and are available up to 96″ in diameter.   These plaques are ideal when looking for a 2D design with dimensional lifelike impressions.

Etched Plaques are an excellent choice for reproducing complex art on metal.  These plaques are available in Steel, Bronze, and Brass.  We offer 3 material thicknesses and sizes up to 36″ x 72″.    These plaques are ideal for wayfinding, brand and identity signage, awards and recognition plaques.

Thin Gauge Plaques are ideal when you are looking for an more economical, lightweight plaque.  These plaques offer customized and color artwork and are perfect for interior use.

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More Information on Plaques

Did you know our Plaques offer a Life-time warranty?  We only work with the best in the industry – Gemini.  Their products are long-lasting, high-end products.  Our team works with Gemini to ensure that your finished product is exactly as you wished.  We review your artwork for any issues and make sure we chose the right plaque type for your specific project.

You can count on Express Sign & Graphics to make your Plaque buying as Easy as 1-2-3!  Give us a call today for more information or a quote.


We are happy to help you design your custom Plaque project.  Please contact our Design/Sales Team at 978.250.9890 and we will be happy to get you pricing and assist you with design and material selections.

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