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Ceiling Signs

Need some additional advertising space?  Look up!  How about ceiling mounted signs and even signs on your ceiling tiles.

We offer a wide variety of sign products such as banners, corrugated signs, multi-sided displays, rotating signs and more for displaying from or on your ceiling.

How about custom ceiling tiles with your logo, pictures of your work, or attractive graphics to sooth your patients.

We will help you get creative with your ceiling mounted signs.  Just give us a call or fill out our Quote Request and we will be happy to help.



What are Ceiling Mounted Signs Good For?

Ceiling mounted signs offer a great solution for informing and directing your clients and customers.  We can make posters, banners, PVC signs, fabric signs and more to display from your ceiling.

Looking for a great tradeshow sign to attract people to your booth?  How about a custom ceiling mounted display visible from all sides?  These are available in triangle, square, round and even multi-level displays.  These custom ceiling displays are also great in retail locations with high ceilings, or in a corporate lobby.  They are great for directing people to Customer Serice windows, store display areas and specials, Technology Help Centers and so much more.

Hanging Fabric Banner Displays Four Sided Ceiling Mounted Sign Pinwheel Style 2 Sided Illuminated Ceiling Mount Oval Sign Tier Style Ceiling Mount Sign
4 Sided Square Hanging Fabric Banner Displays Four Sided Ceiling Mounted Sign Pinwheel Style 2 Sided Illuminated Ceiling Mount Oval Sign Multi-Level Tier Style Ceiling Mount Display

For restaurants, pharmacies, customer service booths and others, we can create a great ceiling mounted Order Here/Pick Up Here signs. These simple, but effective signs can be lightweight in corrugated plastic or PVC, or more elaborate with internally lighted slim style signs or dimensional signs with raised letters on a variety of substrates.

Need crowd control?  Ceiling mounted Checkout Lane signs are a great option.

Use Ceiling Mounted Wayfinding signs to help people find their way throughout your school, business, parking lots or store.

UMass custom garage sign

UMass Custom Parking Garage Wayfinding signs


Whatever your need, we can help.  Our staff is ready to help you find the right sign product and price point for your project.  Give us a call today at 1-877-SIGN123 or 978-250-9890.  We are happy to help.

  • Whether you are looking to display a menu or provide direction, ceiling signs are a great way to get it done.
  • We can print, vinyl letter or screenprint on poster, PVC, Styrene, Dibond, ADA substrates, wood and more.
  • We offer all types of hanging solutions from simple ceiling tile clips to attractive poster hangers with hanging mechanisms.
  • Call today and we’ll happily help you with your next sign or display project.

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