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Channel Letter Signs

Are you ready to make your business shine?  Custom Channel Letter Signs are the solution you’ve been looking for.  Crafted with high-quality and precision and designed for maximum visibility, these signs are more than just eye catching.  They are a beacon for your brand identity, illuminating your business and branding, guiding customers straight to your door.

Why Choose Channel Letter Signs?

  1. Unforgettable First Impression:  Your signs are often the first thing a potential customer sees.  Illuminated Channel Letters ensure your sign is visible and creates an unforgettable impression.  The bold 3D design and vibrant LED Illumination demand attention.
  2. 24/7 Brand Visibility:  Day and night, your brand messaging remains visible.  Channel Letter signs are built for around-the-clock visibility, ensuring your business is always in the spotlight.
  3. Customization:  No two businesses or logos are the same, and your signage should reflect your unique brand identity.  Create your custom sign using your logo and colors or chose from our standard colors, and styles to create a sign that clearly represents your brand.
  4. Weather-Proof Durability:  Don’t let the elements dim your visibility.  Our Channel Letters use LED lighting to ensure they light in the hottest, coldest or wettest weather.

Why Chose Express Sign & Graphics for your Channel Letter Signs?

    • With over 30 years of experience in the New England area, we know what works best to Advertise your business.
    • We understand Permitting and Sign Allowances in the communities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire and can provide you with signs that will work within Sign Allowances in the local cities and towns.
    • Our Team is knowledgeable in the different styles and types of Channel Letter Signs and can help you chose the right configuration and product to meet your exact needs.
    • We know signs and we know Channel Letters.  Just ask the hundreds of client’s we’ve helped.

What are the Options for Channel Letter Signs?

  • Front Lighted Channel Letters – The standard option used in many Malls and Strip Malls.  Light flows from the front of your sign.
  • Back Lighted/Halo Channel Letters – A unique and interesting option.  The light flows from the back of your letters.  Letters are mounted several inches off the building to allow for proper light flow.
  • Both Backlit and Front lit – An interesting combination of Channel Letter lighting that gives you great exposure.
  • Direct/Flush Mounting – Your Channel Letter Sign Letters are individually mounted to the building.  This allows for a clean look.
  • Raceway Mounting – Your Channel Letters are mounted to a bar/Raceway.  The raceway allows for the wiring to enter the building in one location.  This allows for less holes in the building and simpler installation.  Many landlords prefer this as it causes less damage to the building façade.
  • Full Raceway Mounting – This method uses a full Pan/Raceway.  Ideal for when you want Backlit or Halo Channel Letters, but you require a raceway.

How Long Do Channel Letters Take to Make?

  • Standard Depth Letters with Standard Faces, Trim and Returns take about 3-4 weeks to manufacture.
  • Custom Painted Finishes, Custom configurations and other specifics may increase the time on your order.
  • We can fabricate custom Channel Letter Signs with custom painted returns, full color graphics and other custom features to enhance your sign.  Letters are available in depths from 2″ – 8″.
  • We use high-quality LED Lighting, power supplies and graphics to ensure your sign will stand the test of time.

Count on Express Sign & Graphics to help you get your lighted sign project done on-time and on-budget.

Need help with Design or Permitting?   Give us a call and we are happy to help you create the right sign for your need 978-250-9890.

Look no further we have you covered from start to finish on all of your Sign Projects!

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We offer many options for your Channel Letter Sign.  Take a look at the samples to see what just some of the possibilities are for your Channel Letters

  • Choose from front lighted or back lighted (Halo lighted) letters.
  • All of our letters are lighted using cost-effective, long lasting LED lighting.
  • All of our channel letters are UL listed.
  • A wide range of standard trim, face and return colors.
  • Full color graphics and custom painting available.
  • Install direct to the wall, on a raceway or on a full backer.
  • We can fabricate LED Channel letters in almost any logo or letter type.

Check out some of our Channel Letter Installations on our Facebook photo album!

Looking for help designing your Channel Letter Sign? Express Sign & Graphics will gladly help you design your channel letter sign to ensure the best lighting and display.

  • Choose your face color from our standard acrylic colors, vinyl or even full color printed graphics.
  • Choose your trim color (the material that holds the face on) to match your face or create a contrast.
  • Choose your return (the side of the letter) color from our standard colors or we can paint to meet your needs.
  • Choose your hanging method – direct mount, raceway, full backer or custom.

Our sales representatives will assist you in creating the best fit for your project.  Give us a call today!

Need assistance with Design or Permitting.  We can help.


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