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Lightbox Signs

Light Box Signs or Cabinet Signs are a very common type of illuminated sign.  Great for storefront signs, building signage, and plaza directories, Lighted Box signs offer many options.

Lightbox signs are internally illuminated by either LED lighting or more commonly Fluorescent light bulbs.  Our LED lighted sign boxes offer slimmer cabinets, longer lasting lighting, 30% electric cost savings and more benefits.

Lightboxes or Illuminated Cabinet Signs can be wall mounted or post mounted.  Post mounted illuminated box signs can be single post style, double post style, or even monument style.

Lightbox sign faces are available in flat acrylic, pan style and embossed.  Decoration is either cut translucent vinyl or digital print, or painted finishes on embossed faces.  We also offer Push-Through style faces to create a halo lighted effect for your sign face.



  • Lighted Box Signs are available in a wide range of standard sizes from 2′ tall – 8′ tall and 2′ wide – 10′ wide.  Custom sizes are also available.
  • Lighted Cabinet Signs can be single or double sided.
  • Sign Cabinets can be wall mounted, or mounted on a single post, double post or monument style.
  • We offer custom shaped sign boxes with arches, radius corners, peak tops and more.
  • Faces on illuminated cabinet signs can be Flat, Pan Style or Embossed.  Flat faces are most common.
  • Decoration on faces is generally Translucent Vinyl or Digitally Printed Translucent Vinyl.
  • We do also offer Push-Through style faces for a really sleek look.
  • Lightbox signs can also include tracking for changeable letters from 3″ -6″ tall.
  • Sign boxes can be mill finish or painted to match your needs.
  • LED and Fluorescent lightbox signs are both UL Listed, include Safety Disconnect Switches, UL Labels, use 1.5″ Retainers.
  • Fluorescent Boxes are 6.5″ Deep for Single Sided Signs, 9″ Deep for Double Sided Signs.  LED Lightboxes are 6.5″ Deep.
  • We can fabricate custom pole covers to enhance the look of freestanding lightbox signs and add features such as ball caps and finials to dress up your sign.
  • Monument style signs are custom designed and can include custom shapes, bowed faces, and a variety of post/install options.

Our Lighted Box Signs are great for storefronts, office parks, strip malls, plazas and virtually anywhere you need a lighted message to attract customers.

We offer both standard Fluorescent lighting as well as LED illumination.  LED has many beneficial features which you can read about in our Blog Article – Why Choose LED for My Lightbox Sign?

We offer complete Design-Build-Install services for these and all of our signs.  Permitting services are also available.

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Lightbox Business Sign

Pylon Style 2 Sided Lightbox Sign – Framingham, MA

Custom Light Box Sign

Custom Light Box Sign, Bloc Cafe, Somerville, MA

Monument Style Lightbox with Push Through Letters

Monument Style Lightbox with Push Through Letters – Ayer,MA

Lightbox Sign

Lightbox Sign with Flat Panel Face – Devens, MA

Combo Channel Letters and Lightbox

Combo Channel Letters and Lightbox

Wall Mount Lightbox Sign

Tyngsboro Eye Care Wall Mount Lightbox Sign, Tyngsboro, MA


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