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Public Parks and Municipal Signs

Express Sign & Graphics has worked with many local towns and cities on signage for Parks and Municipal projects.  We work directly with the town or city to create signage for specific projects or work with General Contractors and Landscapers fulfilling project requirements on their contracted projects. Our Design and Fabrication teams are expert at working with your Architects, City or Town representatives, State and Local Officials and contractors to meet your project requirements. Our goal is to bring your project in on-time and in-budget.

Park Signs include signs such as:

Park Entrance Signs– Often Monument or Post and Panel Style Signs.  We use a variety of products including Carved HDU, Fabricated Aluminum Signs, Metal Dimensional or Fabricated Letters.  Many of the towns and cities we work with like the look of granite, so we design and fabricate signs with granite posts to suit the sign design.

Dedication Signs – We work with local cities, towns and Veterans organizations to create attractive and long-lasting Dedication signs.  These signs may be to honor veterans, honor a person that the park is named after or to create a space in the park dedicated to a special person or group of people. These types of signs can be Brass or Bronze Plaques, Carved Signs, PVC Post and Panel signs, CHPL signs, Engraved Brass or other specialty materials as called out by the client.  We work to recommend products that are long lasting and meet the design requirements of the particular project.

Rules and Regulatory Signs -Many parks and public areas have specific Rules and Regulation requirements.  For the safety of the users, these signs must be easily read and located where they are easily visible.  Again, there are many options for posting these types of signs, but our more common materials are Flag Mounted or Post and Panel Aluminum Signs, Aluminum signs posted on fencing or common area walls, CHPL signs and PVC Signs. Because rules and regulations can change over time, it is a good idea to take that into account when planning the sign type.

Informational and Point of Interest Signage – For walking paths, trails and areas of interest, we commonly use High Pressure Laminate signage for signs that provide information about the area.  These signs can be made in any size or shape.  They can be mounted to walls, stands, posts or custom displays.  CHPL offers full color graphics that last for years and are extremely durable and graffiti proof.

Parking Lot and Directional Signage– Express Sign fabricates and installs all types of signs to assist with parking control and traffic control.  From standardized Handicapped Parking signs to custom reflective directional signs, we offer the materials, posts and installation services needed to get the project done. These signs are often fabricated using .080 Aluminum or ACM Panels.  In some cases, we use custom shaped Painted PVC signs.  We offer a wide variety of post options including aluminum, U-channel posts, wood posts, and granite posts.

ADA Signage – Regulations require certain signs in public places meet ADA requirements.  We offer a wide range of materials for indoor and outdoor ADA Compliant Signs.   These signs would be in restrooms, public buildings, ADA accessible outdoor locations.

Building and Field Identification Signs – For public park buildings, courts or fields, we offer custom identification signs to make wayfinding easy. Similar to park entrance signs, these can be fabricated for a wide variety of materials depending on the specific location, budget and need.  From Fabricated Metal Letters to Formed Plastic or Cut Acrylic letters, we have options for Building Mounted Signage.  Simple PVC Post and Panel signs, Fabricated Box signs with granite and Aluminum signage are great options for Field and Court Identification.

City or Townwide Wayfinding Signs – Custom Wayfinding signage is common in many downtown areas.  These signs make it easier for visitors to find their way to sites of interest, parking, shopping and restaurant districts, city and town halls and more.  We can help you design your wayfinding project or work with your plans to turn your vision into attractive and useful signage that will enhance your downtown area.

Commonly Used Sign Materials for Parks and Municipal Projects

  • Aluminum
  • Carved Signs on PVC, HDU (High Density Urethane/Sign Foam) or Wood
  • PVC
  • Brass, Bronze and Aluminum Plaques
  • Outdoor and Indoor Plastics for ADA signage
  • Fabricated metal letters in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cor Ten Steel
  • Cut Acrylic
  • Flat Cut or Cast Metal letters in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, and Cor Ten Steel
  • Formed Plastic Letters
  • Granite Posts, Wood Posts, Aluminum Posts and U-Channel Posts

Contact Express Sign & Graphics at 978-250-9890 or send your blueprints or plans to us at  We will gladly provide you with a no cost project estimate.


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